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World’s first open-source aircraft will cost as little as $15,000

Canada-based aeronautical start-up MakerPlane is developing the world’s first open-source light sport aircraft (LSA). The goal is to design plans for an easy-to-fly private aircraft that can be built at home using materials and tools that are readily available and affordable – apparently costing less than $15,000 – including the engine!

Those determined enough to see this project through will be able to pilot their new private aircraft with as little as 20 hours flight time training, putting this aircraft into the same license category as micro-lights and gliders.

The team made up of pilots and engineers are looking to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise the additional funds needed to bring this concept into fruition. However, people are already questioning whether this project will actually take off due to a lacklustre response from Indiegogo funders so far (only $2,250 raised of the $75,000 target).

Should this project succeed in getting off the ground, MakerPlane plan to pilot the first prototype at Airventure 2015.

In the spirit of open source, MakerPlane will be unleashing their designs on the aviation community completely free of charge.