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The alpha, bravo, Charlie’s of aviation

Have you ever spoken to a customer service representative repeating an order number or a confirmation number saying, “that’s D as in Delta, F as… Read More

Thinking global from Beechcraft Bonanza to AN-124’s

Thanks to breaking news like, “Cargo ship stuck in Suez Canal,” the average Joe has learned more about supply chain logistics than ever before. Before… Read More

The evolution in business travel will focus on results

It’s true that the work culture has been changed in the last 12 months. There is satisfaction in knowing that we can adapt and innovate… Read More

Chapman Freeborn Americas charter AN-124s to meet manufacturing industry cargo demands

Customized, secure and fast, we are meeting the manufacturing industry’s unusual cargo requirements daily. We are so proud that our clients have the confidence in… Read More

Flying in a private jet is more attainable than ever.

Savvy travelers are very organized. Preparing for any flight, business or leisure, varies only slightly with all of the basic human needs addressed in one… Read More

Suez Canal blockage – 1400ft container ship is wedged in the canal bank of one of the world’s busiest trade routes

The world is watching the Suez Canal. This Egyptian passage, which opened in 1989, connects the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and is the shortest… Read More

Golfing is good for business

Golfing is the best way to seal the deal according to readers of Golf Digest magazine.  There is no better place to do golf business… Read More