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Chapman Freeborn works with President to get flight approval with just three hours to spare

Last year, Chapman Freeborn demonstrated the lengths they will go to in order to make even the trickiest of flights happen. The client, an oil… Read More

Step-by-Step, Chapman Freeborn brokers save you time and money.

At a moment’s notice, our brokers are analysing all of the criteria for your shipment, while simultaneously evaluating: Each and every aircraft type in terms… Read More

Chapman Freeborn prioritise safety and hygiene to transport 146 passengers over the festive season

Thanks to the help of the Chapman Freeborn passenger team and a Boeing 737, 146 Slovakian passengers were able to travel in a Covid-19 safe… Read More

The people of Honduras needed help

Chapman Freeborn is often called on to help with relief efforts around the world. This time was a little different. Honduras had just been through… Read More

Panel discussion: The greatest air logistic challenge of our time, how we deliver the Covid-19 vaccine globally

As the first Covid-19 vaccinations are taking place, we have come together with industry experts to discuss the challenges of transporting the Covid-19 vaccines across… Read More

An(-124)other Chapman Freeborn cargo charter in the sky!

At Chapman Freeborn, we love to geek out about aircraft! It’s what we do, it’s our passion and it’s in our blood! So, recently when… Read More

Why United’s Covid-safe trial is good news for air charter

We asked Catriona Taylor, Passenger Director at Chapman Freeborn for her thoughts on the news of the Covid-safe flight from New York/Newark to London Heathrow. Read More