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Chapman Freeborn asks, is it time to rethink Business Travel policy?

Thinking like a traveler as well as an administrator, business travel options may need to include some new traveler friendly elements. Considering most company employees… Read More

Vacation planning makes you happier

According to research from the Institute for Applied Positive Research, just planning or anticipating your trip can make you happier. We’re learning that waiting for… Read More

Moving absolutely everything forward

It’s great to provide a solid solution and a helping hand for our customers as they move forward on track toward their future growth. This… Read More

What happens when a vehicle production line stops

The average consumer does not really give supply chain management a second thought. Scheduled automotive plant stoppages over the summer or holidays are used for… Read More

The alpha, bravo, Charlie’s of aviation

Have you ever spoken to a customer service representative repeating an order number or a confirmation number saying, “that’s D as in Delta, F as… Read More

Chapman Freeborn transports 280 tons of cargo by air during the Suez Canal blockage

Last month the Suez Canal was blocked by a 1312 foot long container ship, the Ever Given, after it was blown off-course by strong winds… Read More

Thinking global from Beechcraft Bonanza to AN-124’s

Thanks to breaking news like, “Cargo ship stuck in Suez Canal,” the average Joe has learned more about supply chain logistics than ever before. Before… Read More