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8 Luxury Trips for 2016

It’s that time of year where you may already be thinking ahead to your 2016 travel adventures. Here are Chapman Freeborn’s recommendations for luxury trips that’ll be sure to fill your calendar.

1. Visit Monaco during the Grand Prix


Monaco’s Grand Prix has been held each year on the Circuit de Monaco since 1929. It is one of the most prestigious races in the world and attracts spectators, film stars and celebrities from across the globe.

2. Go on an African Safari


What could be more exciting than getting up close with nature and seeing animals in their natural habitats? There are a number of companies who run ultra-luxury African safari trips where you can see animals by day and enjoy wonderfully sumptuous surroundings by night.

3. Relax in the Republic of Maldives


There are few locations that look at picture perfect as the Maldives, with the crystal clear turquoise water and pristine white sand. Book into one of the amazing over-water suites and enjoy getting away from it all in your own slice of paradise.

4. Live it up in Las Vegas

las vegas

There’s no other destination around the world quite like Las Vegas and it’s the perfect place to escape from everyday life. There are a multitude of luxury hotels and suites to choose from and a large number of incredible restaurants, glitzy nightclubs and other glamorous spots around the city.

5. Cruise the canals in Venice


Venice is one of the most romantic and enchanting destinations in the world and has been bewitching visitors for thousands of years. Book into the iconic Cipriani Hotel, which is decorated in exquisite Murano chandeliers, perfectly polished parquet wood flooring and delicate silk curtains. Don’t forget to take a gondola ride at sunset – by far the most magical time of day in Venice.

6. Shop until you drop in Dubai


There are few shopping destinations around the world that attract visitors in the way that Dubai does. There are more than 70 malls where visitors can browse high street, designer and ultra-high-end collections. There are even malls that have indoor ski slopes, giant aquariums and DJs. Only in Dubai!

7. Get close to nature in New Zealand


New Zealand is a dream destination for any traveller as it has some of the most breath-taking, natural scenery in the world. Nature lovers can swim with dusky dolphins and seals, adventure junkies can go bungee jumping, canyoning and skydiving, and if you’re lucky enough you might even get to see the Aurora Australis – the so-called southern lights.

There are also dozens of boutique lodges and mini-hotels nestled in unique and beautiful locations that will make your time in New Zealand even more memorable.

8. Drive the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland


Ireland has some undeniably picturesque coastlines, and the 2,400 kilometre stretch from Donegal to Cork on the West Coast is an incredibly popular road trip destination. Why not hire a car and do it in real style, stopping off in some of the many historic castles that have now been turned into exclusive hotels.


Why not charter a private jet to visit any of these amazing locations in 2016. Contact us today for more information.