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Key Considerations for Chartering a Private Jet


3rd May 2024

In recent years, private jet travel has reached new heights in popularity, firmly holding onto its title as the symbol of luxury, convenience, and efficiency.

Once seen as a privilege reserved for celebrities and top business leaders, flying private has become increasingly popular among a broader range of people.

The luxury of skipping long security lines, avoiding crowded airports, and customising travel itineraries to fit personal schedules has made private jet chartering an attractive option for all. But despite its glamorous reputation, there are still some crucial considerations that you should be aware of before taking off to the skies in the aircraft of your choice.

From debunking common myths to exploring important decision-making criteria, this guide aims to demystify the private flight booking process and empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed choices.

Understanding the basics of private jet charters

One of the key differences between flying private and commercial is the level of customisation and control. When chartering a private jet, passengers have the flexibility to choose departure times, destinations, onboard amenities, and even catering options, creating the travel experience of your dreams. In contrast, commercial flights operate on fixed schedules and routes, offering limited flexibility when it comes to individual needs.

When deciding on the aircraft for your charter, remember that private jets come in different sizes and configurations to suit various travel needs. Understanding the categories of private jets can help you select the most suitable option for your specific plans:

Light jets

Examples: Cessna Citation CJ series, Embraer Phenom 300, and Learjet 75.

These jets are ideal for short to mid-range flights, accommodating up to 7 passengers and offering cost-effective options for small groups or individuals traveling relatively short distances.

Mid-size jets

Examples: Hawker 900XP, Bombardier Learjet 60XR, and Cessna Citation Latitude.

With larger cabins and extended range capabilities, mid-size jets can accommodate around 10 passengers comfortably. They are well-suited for longer journeys while still offering versatility for accessing smaller airports.

Heavy jets

Examples: Gulfstream GIV/G450, Bombardier Challenger 604/605, and Dassault Falcon 2000 series.Dassault Falcon 2000S Interior

Designed for long-range transcontinental flights and larger groups, heavy jets offer spacious cabins that are perfect for accommodating up to 16 passengers or more. These jets also stand out with some additional luxurious amenities and much more luggage space.

Ultra-long-range jets

Examples: Gulfstream G650/G650ER, Bombardier Global 6000/7500, and Dassault Falcon 8X/7X.

These are the go-to options for global travel without compromise, featuring expansive cabins, deluxe amenities, and the ability to fly long distances with no refuelling stops.

Reasons to consider flying private

Private jet charters offer exceptional advantages for those who want to avoid airport crowds, stick to their own schedules, and enjoy exclusive amenities, regardless of their travel goals and destinations. Here are some scenarios in which the benefits of private flights shine the brightest:

Business trips
Private air charters are a game-changer for corporate executives and business professionals, offering unmatched productivity and efficiency. By minimizing travel time and providing a conducive environment for work onboard, business travel plans can be executed more smoothly.

Urgent travel
During emergencies or time-sensitive situations, air charters provide rapid and flexible travel solutions. Whether it’s medical emergencies, last-minute meetings, events, or unexpected family matters, private jets can be mobilized swiftly as a lifeline to your ad-hoc situations with minimal disruptions.

Luxury vacations
It’s no surprise that an air charter can take any vacation experience to the next level, offering luxury and personalised services from beginning to end. Whether you’re jetting off to exotic destinations or planning shorter getaways with friends and family, private jets provide that additional layer of comfort and convenience that truly makes a difference.

When it comes to selecting the perfect jet to match your plans, various factors such as travel distance, passenger count, desired amenities, and budget considerations come into play. And while expert charter brokers are always there to help you choose the most suitable aircraft, continue reading for tips on how to approach them fully prepared.

Cost considerations

Although air charters are synonymous with luxury and convenience, understanding the associated costs is still crucial for informed decision-making. Let’s break down the typical expenses and share some tips on budgeting with all the hidden or additional costs in mind.

Flight time — the primary cost component of private air charters, typically calculated by the hour. Factors influencing flight costs include the type of aircraft, distance travelled, fuel prices, and operational fees.

Aircraft type — different jet categories (mentioned earlier) come with varying hourly rates, reflecting their size, amenities, and range capabilities.

Additional fees — landing fees, overnight expenses for multi-day trips, catering, ground transportation, and crew costs (if applicable) are some of the most common additional factors contributing to the overall charter cost.

Now that you understand the importance of estimating costs, here are three key tips for effective budgeting:

  • Define your needs.

Determine the number of passengers, desired amenities, travel distance, and flexibility requirements upfront to narrow down suitable aircraft options and manage costs effectively.

  • Review quotes.

Check your quotes, comparing not just hourly rates but also inclusive services and potential hidden fees.

  • Negotiate wisely.

Leverage relationships with charter providers or brokers to negotiate favourable terms, especially for frequent or long-term charter arrangements.

How to choose the right charter companyCessna Citation CJ4 Private Jet

When choosing a charter company, always prioritise those with strong safety records and industry certifications from aviation authorities like the FAA and EASA as well as those with trustworthy ARGUS and Wyvern ratings. This ensures adherence to rigorous safety standards and enhances peace of mind throughout your journey. Additionally, opt for operators with well-maintained aircraft that match your needs in terms of avionics, safety features, and amenities.

Verifying pilot qualifications and experience is also vital for ensuring a smooth and secure flight experience – remember, some charter service providers may be hesitant to provide such proof due to time-consuming procedures, however, you still have the right to do so. And lastly, consider a company’s reputation for excellent customer service and responsiveness and check any relevant reviews and references, as this can greatly enhance your overall charter experience, from booking to post-flight support.

5 steps to booking a private flight

Afraid of time-consuming communication regarding your travel arrangements? Booking a private flight can be a quick and easy process when you follow these steps:

  1. Initial inquiryReach out to reputable charter companies or brokers with your travel details, including departure and destination airports, travel dates, passenger count, and any specific preferences or requirements. Once you get in touch, discuss available aircraft options based on your needs.
  2. Requesting quotesRequest detailed quotes outlining all costs involved, including hourly rates, fuel surcharges, landing fees, overnight expenses (if applicable), catering options, and any additional services or fees.
  3. Confirming the bookingCarefully review the charter agreement, terms, and conditions provided by the charter company. Pay attention to cancellation policies, payment terms, liability clauses, and any restrictions or surcharges. Upon agreement, sign the charter contract outlining all agreed-upon terms, schedules, services, and costs. Ensure clarity on payment methods, deposit requirements, insurance coverage, and invoicing procedures.
  4. Pre-flight preparationsThere’s always time to collaborate with the charter company to make any last-minute adjustments and finalise flight details. Prior to departure, you must also go through a safety briefing to familiarise yourself with onboard safety protocols, emergency procedures, and other relevant information.
  5. Final confirmation and departure

Receive confirmation of your booking, including flight details, crew information, and contact numbers for any last-minute communication or changes. Lastly, arrive at the private terminal at the designated time, complete check-in procedures (which are typically swift), and… come on board!

Ready for takeoff?

Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the beneficial nature of private jet charters, from their growing popularity to the essential considerations when planning your trip. By understanding the basics of booking a private flight for yourself, you can make informed decisions that align with your travel needs and preferences.

So, as you prepare for your next adventure, remember to maximise your flight experience with customised amenities and stay up to date with the newest travel solutions. For professional support in air chartering, Chapman Freeborn offers 24/7 assistance — reach out to us at [email protected].


What is the check-in process for a private jet flight?

Chartering a private jet puts you in control of your journey:

  • Set your own flight schedule.
  • Choose your preferred airport location.
  • Arrive just 15 minutes before your flight.
  • Once your luggage is checked in, you can board the aircraft and are ready for takeoff.

Can I fly with my pet on a private jet charter flight?

Yes, you can bring your pet on your private jet charter. Chapman Freeborn has access to many different kinds of aircraft that allow your pet to snuggle in or roam freely in the cabin. We work closely with various agencies to ensure that the process is as simple and transparent as possible, and compliant with each country’s regulations.

How will I know which type of aircraft to book?

There are primarily six private jet categories: Very Light, Light, Mid-Size, Super Mid-Size, Heavy, and Ultra Long Range. The passenger capacity, cabin amenities, flight range, and maximum speed vary in each category. Speak to a member of our team to determine which category is best suited to your charter flight.



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