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An(-124)other Chapman Freeborn cargo charter in the sky!

Chapman Freeborn love to geek out about aircraft! It’s what we do, it’s our passion and it’s in our blood!

So, recently when the Cargo Broker Team managed to charter three Antonov AN-124’s in the sky at the same time, it caused a flurry of excitement across all the broker teams.

One of the AN-124’s was delivering four industrial valves from Glasgow PIK into Dubai DWC to be used in factory operations in nearby Abu Dhabi. With each valve weighing 14 tonnes this was an operation that had to be meticulously planned, proving no problem for our experienced cargo team.

While one AN-124 was Dubai bound, the other two aircraft where positioned in Milan MXP and Accra ACC completing take off procedures and departing for their locations.

With both AN-124’s each carrying just under 100T of urgent time-critical Cargo, each flight was crucial for the client.

Seeing all three AN-124’s in the air at the same time reflects the prominence of Chapman Freeborn within the cargo sector across the globe, and added a little bit of excitement to the day!