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Boeing 787 – it’s more than just a dream

Since first taking to the skies in 2011, the Boeing 787 has revolutionised air travel as we know it. Designed to not only optimise airline carriers’ efficiency and open up new route networks, but also to provide their passengers with a smoother and more comfortable way to fly.

From bigger windows and larger cabins, to cleaner, healthier air and dynamic LED lighting, passenger comfort was always at the heart of the Boeing 787 design. Innovative technology has allowed Boeing to optimise the B787 and eliminate some of the unpleasant associations considered with air travel.

The new filtration filters clears the air, removing bacteria, viruses and odours so passengers can enjoy breathing in cleaner and healthier air. Boeing has installed multiple solutions to help reduce noise, vibrations and turbulence offering passengers a smoother, calmer air travelling experience. While the LED lighting system creates an ambience for each part of the journey, from boarding, to cruising, to meals, to sleep, the changing brightness and hue inside the cabin has been designed to help passengers adjust to their destination.

But, it’s not just passengers who benefit, with lower operational costs and higher revenue potential; airline carriers are also seeing the advantages from Boeing’s latest innovation. With lower fuel consumption and higher speeds, airlines are now able to expand their markets. To date, more than 100 new direct flights have been opened up across the world to meet passenger needs and reach those far-flung destinations that once seemed nothing more than a distance dream.

With 1,155 orders, from 64 customers, the Boeing 787 is now operational across six continents around the world, and with 92 deliveries so far in 2016 and with another 19 orders on the books, the Boeing 787 is creating a more interconnected, reachable world.


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