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Incredible Experiences in the Eternal City

Rome is known around the world as “The Eternal City” thanks to the ancient Roman belief that, no matter what happened to the rest of the world, Rome would remain forever. The architecture is unforgettable, with many buildings having survived for thousands of years, giving the city a permanent, timeless feel.

Take a VIP Colosseum tour


No visit to Rome would be complete without entering the majestic Colosseum. Choose one of the VIP tours and you’ll skip the queues to enter. Once inside you’ll explore the underground level, where gladiators and animals waited before battle. You’ll then be given a guided tour of the structure, ending with climbing to the third tier of the Colosseum to enjoy views down into the arena, and outwards over the city itself.

Enjoy a night at the opera


There are few better places to attend the opera than in Italy – home to some of the world’s most famous and celebrated composers. In the city there is the wonderful Teatro dell’Opera, where the season runs from December to June. The shows concentrate on classic operas, such as Bellini, Puccini, Rossini and Verdi.

Indulge on a food tour


Italian food is some of the best in the world, so why not learn more about it by booking a VIP food tour. You’ll be picked up in a chauffeured vehicle and enjoy being taught about Italian food from culinary experts.

You’ll also expand your knowledge of Italian wines, with a dedicated sommelier who will talk you through how to pair food and wine together for the perfect flavour. You’ll be given historical background on all of the dishes you sample, and even get to learn to make your very own fresh pasta.

Luxury accommodation


Rome has numerous luxury hotels for the discerning traveller to choose from.

If you’re looking for a hotel in the centre of the city then try out the Grand Hotel de la Minerve. It overlooks the magnificent Pantheon and is just a few minutes’ walk from the Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain.

Other fantastic options are The Palazzo Manfredi, a historic villa with many balconies overlooking the Colosseum and Aldrovandi Villa Borghese. Located near to the Spanish Steps, the villa has an outdoor heated pool, perfectly manicured gardens and excellent dining options.

For the ultimate in elegance, the Hotel Eden—part of the Dorchester Collection—might be the ideal choice. The rooms and suites are complete with opulent marble bathrooms, rich furnishing and stunning views of Rome.


Why not charter a private jet to Rome to begin and end your trip in true luxury. Urbe Airport and Rome Ciampino Airports are both less than 10 miles from the city, and Fiumicino Airport is around 18 miles away.


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