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The Private Jets of the US Presidential Election

When you’re travelling around a country as big as the United States of America during a gruelling presidential election campaign, the best way to do so is undoubtedly by private jet.

Each of the candidates requires the ability to visit several cities in one day and privately chartered aircraft are the only feasible way to do so. Travelling by private jet also ensures candidates arrive in each location well rested, refreshed and having travelled in comfort so that they are better able to answer questions, take part in debates and meet with their supporters.


Donald Trump


Donald Trump, arguably the most controversial of the candidates, is said to have spent more than half a million dollars in air travel during this presidential election campaign alone.

Billionaire Trump has his very own private fleet of aircraft, which includes two jets and three helicopters. He is the only candidate who owns his own jet, with the others choosing to charter private aircraft.

Trump’s Boeing 757-200 was purchased in 2010 from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. It is fitted with gold plated seatbelts, gold plated bathroom fixtures, two bedrooms with silk walls in the master bedroom and a 57-inch television.


Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has been seen travelling between cities on board a Learjet 60, which can reach top speeds of 525 miles per hour. The Learjet 60 is a medium-range aircraft and was manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Kansas, USA.

The Telegraph have stated that Clinton’s campaign ‘will be carbon neutral, offsetting the carbon footprint of her air travel’, after she was accused of hypocrisy boarding a private jet just hours after making a speech on climate change.


Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders is a candidate who is passionate about environmental issues, and as such, used to travel regularly on standard passenger aircraft.

However, in the last few months Sanders has been travelling regularly by private jet, stating that there are circumstances when using charter airplanes is the best way for him to get around: “That is the best way we can do it.”


John Kasich


John Kasich of the Ohio Republican Party has been spotted using the private jet of venture capitalist Mark Kvamme since this time last year.

Kvamme owns a 1998 Hawker 400A twin-engine turbo-fan jet with registration number N872MK. The aircraft is said to be fitted with seats for up to ten passengers and has a maximum speed of 539 miles per hour.


Marco Rubio


Marco Rubio has been exclusively using a Cessna Citation Excel business jet for his campaign transportation needs. The Excel has the most spacious cabin in its class of light corporate jets and is able to sit up to ten passengers comfortably.

The Cessna Citation Excel is also one of the best-selling business jets ever built and has a full refreshment centre and the largest baggage compartment in its class.


Images courtesy of Wikipedia users Cezary p and Gage Skidmore, and Flickr users Brett Weinstein and Michael Vadon